Jan 302017

Short Answer: It is mostly safe in very small quantities and you should use it, but only in topical form (not swallowed). Say NO to fluoridated drinking water. Long Answer: I don’t think I could take on a more contentious dental question than this one. There are two opposing views on this subject ranging from “fluoride is […]

Nov 092015

Short Answer: In my humble opinion, no. Long Answer: Yes, it’s true: dental work in the Unites States is expensive. There are good reasons for this and it’s not necessarily greedy dentists overcharging for what they do. It starts with the fact that cost-of-living in countries like the USA are much higher than in places […]

Aug 242015
Q: I have braces and was told I have 'external root resorption', what does that mean and is there any treatment for it?

Short Answer: It means the root of your tooth is getting shorter, most likely because of your braces. There is no treatment, but further damage might be preventable. Long Answer: Hold a pen vertically and stick it in jello. Now move it through the jello while keeping it perfectly vertical. That was easy, right? Now […]

Jul 222015
Q: My dentist recommended a “deep cleaning” (scaling and root planning). Do I really need this?

Short Answer: Maybe Long Answer: When reading comments online and hearing concerns from patients, issues revolving around deep cleanings are some of the most common. But hold on to your hats, this is going to be a doozy. If you don’t want all the nitty-gritty about deep cleanings, stop now and go back to whatever […]

Jun 212015
Q: If plastics are bad for you, what is the safest material to make a mouth guard or night guard from?

Short Answer: Silicone for a mouth guard and Gold for a night guard Long Answer: This question comes up occasionally because there is more and more public awareness about the dangers of plastics. Most people know about Bisphenol A (BPA) which is a chemical used in the production of plastics. It can be found lining […]

May 062015
Q: What is the safest and best material that a dentist can put in my mouth?

Short Answer: 24-karat Gold, Grade-1 Titanium or Zirconia (in certain cases) Long Answer: There are many materials crowns and fillings can be made from: Fillings, for example, can be made from a composite resin (basically hard plastic), amalgam (mercury metal filling), porcelain (there are many types) and cast metals (gold or non-precious alloys). But with […]

May 042015

Short Answer: No, it’s not. Long Answer: Dentists don’t bring up the topic of implants when discussing a missing tooth for many reasons. Many times, regrettably, it is because of financial considerations or simple ignorance.  One can assume the dentist has the best of intentions and simply thinks you cannot afford an implant or you […]