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  1. I am 57 years old and at the advice of my periodontist got lower braces for moderate overcrowding. My perio was fearful that I would end up needing an extraction at some point in my life, so I agreed to getting the lower braces. In retrospect, I believe my perio was overly cautious.

    I got the braces on May 29 and had to have them removed mid-July due to possible metal allergy (burning mouth and extremely dry mouth). At this time, I also noticed that my 1 year old night guard was also burning my mouth and had a terrible chemical taste so I stopped using it. The retainer (Essix C+) which I was supposed to wear during the day (and wear my night guard at night) also burned my mouth.

    I have no idea what to do. I am less concerned with retention than with my moderate night time bruxism. I have no idea how my night guard was made or whether it was cured or not. I read that curing acrylics can be helpful in terms of lessening leeching of the plastizers. Any ideas?

    • Most hard lab fabricated night guards are pressure or heat cured. You may have a sensitivity to the plastics or metals and that will make things difficult. You might need to consult an allergist to figure out what is going on there.
      Dr. Barniv

  2. i will be undergoing a full mouth deep pocket cleaning soon. i am taking warfarin, and i have read that stopping it can be very very dangerous while doing dental procedures, so i would prefer to not stop taking it or adjusting the inr before the procedure.
    my question is about the anesthetic the dentist will use to numb my gums for the deep cleaning, and that it will not interact with my warfarin.
    do you know any safe anesthetics that the doctor can use that will not affect warfarin.

    please name the safest one with first one being the safest , and on and on.

    i am 70 years old and and do want my gums numbed before any dental procedure.

    • Most dental anesthetics are very safe and the majority of dentists use Lidocaine. It’s best to check with your doctor before doing the deep cleaning and to let them know what anesthetics the dentist plans to use.

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