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  1. i will be undergoing a full mouth deep pocket cleaning soon. i am taking warfarin, and i have read that stopping it can be very very dangerous while doing dental procedures, so i would prefer to not stop taking it or adjusting the inr before the procedure.
    my question is about the anesthetic the dentist will use to numb my gums for the deep cleaning, and that it will not interact with my warfarin.
    do you know any safe anesthetics that the doctor can use that will not affect warfarin.

    please name the safest one with first one being the safest , and on and on.

    i am 70 years old and and do want my gums numbed before any dental procedure.

    • Most dental anesthetics are very safe and the majority of dentists use Lidocaine. It’s best to check with your doctor before doing the deep cleaning and to let them know what anesthetics the dentist plans to use.

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