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  1. My dentist recommended I have a deep cleaning. My friend tell me it is not recommended for “older” people because it damages the bone. What should i say to her. I believe in my dentist and i am having the deep cleaning

    • Assuming a deep cleaning is actually needed (and as my post says, that is not always the case), there is no additional risk to “older people”. The real risk to the bone in anyone of any age is having untreated gum disease.

  2. I am weird like you lol. I run a campaign on social media called the Plastic Free Challenge and I am all to aware of how poisonous plastics are. Lately my jaw started clicking when I chew. I have other health issues with my digestive system flaring up and I’ve been feeling stress lately, so I think I may be grinding my teeth while sleeping. At one time I had purchased the soft and flexible mold yourself with boiling water type of night guard they sell at pharmacies, but I don’t want to suck on that plastic all night. I don’t trust it. Plus my new dentist told me that I need a hard acrylic one. I have been trying to learn what chemicals they put in these and I’ll be asking my dentist to check with his lab. One company on the web advertising safety is Pro Teeth Guard. They say their night guard is created with safe EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) vinyl. No PBA, PHTHALATES and no METHYL METHACRYLATE (MMA). Do you have any knowledge about EVA for night guards? Is EVA more stable and safer than the others?

    • I don’t know about EVA specifically, but I am not of the mindset that vinyl is a problem-free plastic anyhow. So not having PBA, MMA or phtalates doesn’t mean it is free of other harmful chemicals.

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