Apr 062015

Short Answer: Not necessarily Long Answer: When we talk about sealants, we are almost always talking about a very thin plastic-like film a qualified dental professional places over the grooves on the tops of adult teeth (the chewing surface). It is thought to work by preventing food and plaque from going deep into the crevices […]

Nov 272014

Short Answer: No Long Answer: I’m not really sure why well-educated dentists still propagate this old-wives tale. The idea is that as the wisdom teeth erupt (or try to erupt), they will push your other teeth forward and cause them to crowd together. Some dentists use this as a reason to convince patients to have […]

Nov 092014

Short answer: Mostly no, but keep in mind there are dentists who recommend a root canal even when the justification is dubious. Long answer: There are many different reasons teeth need root canals but the most common reason is that the tissues inside the nerve canals die (become necrotic). Typically this can happen due to […]

Nov 042014

Short Answer: No Long answer: There are many reasons not to replace fillings that are intact and functioning properly. For starters, there is some risk to every dental procedure. Every time a filling is removed, there is a risk the tooth will fracture, will become sensitive or have other long-term issues. Secondly, metal fillings have […]

Oct 302014

Short answer: At least 30 minutes and typically 45-60 minutes. Long answer: During a routine cleaning, the dentist or hygienist needs to review any changes in your health, they need to evaluate the health of your teeth and gums and then counsel you on any improvements that should be focused on at home. Sometimes, the […]

Oct 182014

Short answer: No, in most cases. Long answer: Unlike metal fillings (the conventional kind also called mercury or amalgam fillings), white composite fillings are very technique sensitive. In order to be done properly, a white filling requires several steps that have to be done in the right order and with the correct timing. In between […]